We are licensed, insured company that for each removal sends only experienced fully equipped trained employees. Hissing Newt -Transport offers a wide range of removals including private movers, moving companies and moving to the States of the European Union. Securely we will transport your possessions, including antiques and even a piano or piano. For the full comfort of our customers to any remuneration before moving not supply all the necessary materials for packaging.
Moving Private Moving companies / agencies
The experience gained during the service allows us to adjust our offer to everyone, even the most demanding customer.
Below you standard services that we offer to our customers:
Securing the furniture to transportation
We pack and unpack your belongings
We use a system of marking equipment
We dismantle and re-assemble furniture
Professionally we transport the piano read more
Enterprises are the most demanding group of customers, which is why we have prepared the best offer for companies. We offer services individually tailored to each client. We work 24 hours, 7 days a week, taking full responsibility for the agreed deadlines.
We carry out:
In order to determine the price and the details of moving welcome .