Hissing Newt are the most demanding group of Man and Van Services & we have prepared the best offer for companies. We offer services individually tailored to each client. Hissing Newt work 24 hours, 7 days a week, taking full responsibility for the agreed deadlines.

Hissing Newt do  all of the following and much more:

Van and Man
In order to determine the price and details of moving invited for informal meeting with our representative, who agree with you any matter relating to removal, will evaluate the amount of material required to move, types of cars and how many employees should be directed to the needs of the service.

Especially for companies offer services moving furniture inside an office building, transport services and minor maintenance.

Hissing Newt invite you to familiarize yourself with our reference letters issued by our most important and demanding customers.

We are distinguished by the fact that:
Our clients always send experienced personnel.
(Our teams consist only of full-time, carefully selected employees).

We supply our customers with all the necessary materials needed for removal.
(With due notice we provide 3 types of boxes, sealed containers for secret documents, tapes, stickers marking, safety corners, etc.)

Your staff can provide information on preparing for the move.
(Hissing Newt provide information about packaging in cartons, methods of marking equipment, etc.).

Hissing Newt are fully secured and transported IT equipment.
(We unlink, will provide, will pack cartons, denoted, we will transport, and finally Unpack the boxes and we set a work in the new building).

Man and Van pack office equipment.
(Pack your boxes of all equipment in the office)

Man and Van dismantle and re-assemble furniture and elements of a permanent building.
(We can easily put things to pieces, including all the furniture requires removal, then the new location will edited it in a place designated by the Purchaser)

Man and Van full insurance removals
(We have taken out a liability insurance policy of pursuit of economic activities in the amount of £100 000 , OC of road transport and an open policy “CARGO” so that you can insure each individual object located on the state of the company)

Securing corridors in buildings.
(When making the move into the building, always secure all the points vulnerable to damage, and after the service Hissing Newt leave the location in due order)

Man and Van recycle unwanted equipment company.
We recycle papers.
(In the course of moving all unnecessary documents will be destroyed which will be confirmed with the required certificate)

Man and Van carry out minor maintenance work.
(If there is a need to mount the plate to the wall at the new location is to take care of the well)

Only such an approach enables Hissing Newt to meet the expectations of every even the most demanding customer.